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Friday November 07, 2014
Yoga event - healing and balancing chakra centers through music. Jack Cutter: Guitar, Kelli Gayle: Harmonium and guide -- time: TBD (check back!) -- suggested donation: $15-$20 -- at Danville Yoga And Wellness Center "Light up the Chakras~ Sacred Solfeggio Sound Healing Join your hosts, Kelli and Jack for an afternoon of chakra balancing and sound healing! Journey within and discover the energetic system that exists within you. Kelli and Jack will be playing specially tuned instruments in the Sacred Solfeggio healing frequencies for meditation and healing for each of the chakras. Each chakra has its own bij or seed mantra associated with it. We will chant the mantra with the corresponding vibrational frequencies to balance and tune the seven major spinal chakras. We will do a simple yoga movement followed by mantra and brief description of each chakra followed by deep relaxation and meditation on the chakra while listening to the Sacred Solfeggio healing music."
Location: 125 A Town And Country Drive, Danville, CA

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